IPv6 Training Courses

Generic IPv6 Training

In our generic IPv6 courses you are taught IPv6 across all platforms. You can choose which platform you wish to use for your course exercises from Windows, Unix, Linux or Cisco IOS.

4 days

£1995/$2895 Generic English


1 day

£700 Generic English


4 days

£3190 Generic English


3 days

£1495/$2250 Generic English



Internet of Things (IoT) Training

IPv6 is playing a key role in the Internet of Things (IoT).These courses cover all aspects of IPv6 in IoT. This includes extensive coverage of all aspects of 6LowPAN.


IPv6 Courses for Management and IT Strategists

These IPv6 courses are aimed at senior IT management and those who determine IT strategy within a company.

half day

£495 Generic English


half day

£495 Generic English



Platform Specific IPv6 Training

Platform specific IPv6 training is aimed at those who wish to focus on the technical aspects of IPv6 on a specific platform. Our standard four day course covers Windows, Linux, Unix and Cisco IOS. We can cover other platforms upon request.