Modular IPv6 Training

The fast way to tailored IPv6 training - create your own course from one of our large selection of IPv6 course modules.

All our courses are made up of topic modules. Each module is made up of the slides, course notes and hands-on practical work for a range of different platforms. These modules are designed so that you can pick and choose modules from a number of different courses and we can put them together to create a tailored course.

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Creating a Modular IPv6 Course

  1. Agree some course basics

    First we discuss the process with you and some obtain basic information such as possible training locations and the platform/s for the hands-on exercises.

  2. Select the topics that you need

    Browse through our courses and select those modules that you need for your tailored course.

  3. We put together a proposed course structure based on your selection

    We determine any dependencies and prerequisites and create a proposed course outline.

  4. Review

    You review our proposal and we update with any feedback.

  5. Finalise

    We tell you how many days are required to run the course and provide you with a quote. If you are happy we can go ahead and arrange to run the course.

Bespoke Training Material

If you require bespoke material then we can create this for you. Please contact us for futher details.