Remote IPv6 Training

All of our IPv6 training courses are available virtually. You can experience the same high-quality IPv6 training that we offer in the classroom virtually from anywhere in the world. Our virtual courses are instructor-led training delivered using the market leader in virtial classrooms; WebEx Trainings. Courses with practical exercises include access to our virtual IPv6 labs. Course materials, such as course and exercise manuals, are available digitally via our secure portal.

Remote training is identical to on-site training in everything except the location of the trainer. You will still receive copies of the course manuals and exercise manuals for each delegate. The delegates will still be able to carry out the hands-on exercises.

Choose to have our training on-site without the need for our instructor to travel to your location.

We have many years experience delivering IPv6 training to disparate groups of delegates spread across the global. In recent years we have delivered virtual training to large numbers of delegates throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

Please call us to discuss the many ways in which we can make remote onsite training work for you.